Monday, July 7, 2014

Flipping her over

 Time Machines first trip out of the garage, Jordon, Jeramy, and Ashley were on hand to help flip her over.
 The floor of the cockpit is huge 4'4" X 8'5"....  The shortened cockpit seats will assure that you are always hiked out when the air is up, but the huge cockpit floor will give you plenty of comfortable spots for those light air races. I am going to install EVA foam to the seats, floor and foot bensons to spoil the crew (EVA foam is like the foam you see on paddle boards).
 LESSONS learned along the way:    I have been using an assortment of foam durablock long boards, and had been using 80 grit to fair with, as 80 grit was the lowest grit PSA paper I could find locally, even from the big auto body/woodwork shops,,,, after many days of sore shoulders and unnecessary extra sanding, I found 40 grit PSA (rhynostick rolls) online at Eastwoods , and man did it kick my sanding into high gear,,,, the deeper scratches the heavier grit left behind were easily taken out with 80 grit paper after I was happy with the fairing of the west 410 filler. I also followed west systems advice and applied 3 coats of unthickened epoxy over the top of the microlight, all scratches were filled nicely and evenly. Note: do not sand into the fiberglass fibers, this is just to get the high spots in the fairing filler down in a hurry.
 Jeramy,,, our bowman for this maneuverer.

Now to push her back into the garage and get working on the bottom.

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