Sunday, May 10, 2015

Planning on planing!

Progress has been difficult, with every thing going on right now, time has to be "created" just to get a few things done. 

The articulating pole is now operational. One of the things I really like that I did was to run the articulating pole controls into the cockpit just forward of where the traveler would be, my reasoning for this was that if we are planing, there would be no need for anyone to move forward from the back of the boat.

Everything except the VC Performance epoxy has been applied. The top and sides were sprayed with Interlux perfection and the grey Interlux "Interdeck" non-skid, was rolled on with a 1/4 nap epoxy roller. The grey really brings out the angles of the boat, I like the contrast.

Although I am still missing my upper spreader bracket (I had a hard time getting the right part) I needed the mast up, to get a few measurements for Tac Boston at Doyle/Boston sails, so that my sails can be finalized.  Next up: attach the keel/bulb together, VC Epoxy, and work on trailer modifications. Still a lot to do, but the list is getting smaller.