Sunday, April 27, 2014

Still plugging!

Still plugging away, the lead has been poured and went well using a turkey fryer to melt the lead. I used less then 1 propane tank (I had an extra tank standing by just in case) the recycled tire weights were easy to use, and as soon as the lead melts the steel clips rise to the surface of the pot, to be whisked away by my $5.00 stainless steel slotted spoon.

If I were to do it again.... I would put two large 3" holes in the mould, to fill the bulb from, maybe tilt the bulb to each side to fill the ends, then pour the middle with the bulb level. I ran out of tire weights and had a small void to fill the next day.

I am using my limited time multi tasking, fairing the deck and cockpit, pouring the bulb, building a carbon fiber tiller, and planing a 3” wide strip down both sides of the keel, for the (5) layers of 3” wide unidirectional carbon fiber, followed by more fairing and filling. (I have been trying to convince my fitness minded friends, that sanding with a longboard is the next cross fit rage,,,,, but no one is buying it)….

I am continuing with the mindset, that if I keep a little momentum going, even small things, will eventually be big completed items.

                                         Jordon helping his dad out.
                                                   The bulb fresh out of the mold.

                            The dado for the five layers of unidirectional carbon fiber.
                     Here at the shop we do allot of scientific testing to assure quality control,,,, after jumping up and down on the keel,,,, it seemed like the perfect photo op of me hanging ten. Some test panels we get a little more scientific,,, and break out the sledge hammers to test their strength.
Might be a habit forming, here is another photo hanging ten, this time on a skate board, down the side of the main hull of a 43' Dick Newick designed Tri-Maran.