Friday, November 29, 2013


Hello and welcome to my blog page. I am building an i550 sailboat in Palmer Lake, Colorado, to race.

I was not going to start a blog, and just concentrate on my build, (not spending my time blogging about it).
But after thinking about it, I wanted to create a blog that is (hopefully) as helpful to other builders, as I have found the blogs, of the people who have already built their boats. Great job guys, and thanks for your help and taking the time to share.

Now on to some boat building. I am starting my boat by building the keel, rudder and compression post, along with the parts for my cradle first, my reasoning, is that my garage is going to get smaller, very soon.

I am much further along then this (I started the cradle in the beginning of November and should be glassing the bottom by the end of February, early March at the pace I am at), so it is time to update the blog, the nice thing about being behind on my blog is that I can use hindsight, to tell you what worked  for me and what didn't. On the things that worked great and I could not stress it enough, spend some time on building the cradle, it will pay off big dividends thru out the build, and the large wheels I bought at Harbor Freight work great for moving things around in my small garage.

I built my foils to plan (we will see how the rudder works later?) . I epoxied in (2) 1/4' stainless steel threaded rods thru the length of the keel, to attach the bulb. I then laid out my naca 12 profile and set my table saw to the depth and distance needed to cut to the profile and made (4) cuts per adjustment, 1 cut to the side of the keel, then flip end for end, rip again, then do the same steps for the rudder. I then adjusted the fence and blade depth and made the next (4) rips every 1/8". I used a block plane to connect the cuts, and in about six hours I had very fair foils ready to glass.

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