Monday, February 24, 2014


After installing the cabin top on the boat, I cut out the access hole and climbed inside my now, completely enclosed boat,  I sat to look around and plan/plot my next steps and had a wave of nostalgia wash over me, sitting there, in my cool boat cabin (I almost wanted to sleep out in the boat, that night) I was transported back in time, to being a young kid building structures (boat cabins among a few!) with my friends out of all the bed sheets in the house, all the adventures we had dreamed,,,, what a great time, and not a care in the world,,,, so, for a brief moment (if only we could capture that magic in a bottle) I was a kid again. I have to think that the younger me, would think it is very cool,,, that his older self is building a boat, a boat for adventures, with my family & friends. 

After such a trip back into time, it seems only fitting that the boat has now named herself,,,
 "TIME MACHINE", and my mind, much like my younger self ,while thinking of adventure, is working overtime, thinking of the possibilities for boat graphics, maybe a bit of Jules Verne or H.G Wells. an image of rivets,gears and alchemical symbols.

My high tech clamping system while the epoxy dries.

On a building note: I filleted and taped the interior, but decided against fairing anything to save weight...

Layers of unidirectional and plain weave carbon fiber to reinforce the bow, there will be allot of force trying to pry the front of the boat apart.
I am going to use an aluminum bowsprit and mast for the first season or so, while I educate myself enough, to feel comfortable building everything out of carbon fiber.
These foot bensons should be bomb proof.

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